Cold Moulding a IOM Hull

Hi My Name is John Kiff
I m intrested in building a hull using the Double Diagonal method using .8mm ply laminates with two or three layers. Has any body any information on this form of construction ?
The hulls I am considering are the MYA (u/k) TRIPLE CROWN and Graham Bantock,s KITE.
Thanks in advance.

John K

It can be done - but needing a lot of stringers to support the first layer can add weight. May not be critical if building to IOM weight standards, but for US 1 Meter class, if possible use thinnest veneer you can find, especially if you plan to double it up. The birch strip within the mohogany was a planned design feature. Keep the molded strips at a diagonal, as it makes them easier to align, and they tend to conform to the general hull shape, at about 45 degrees maximum. Sorry, I can’t remember my angle, but was probably in the 30 degree range. If I did it again, I probably would lay up at a bit more of angle (from perpendicular). Hull by the way is a Mistral design.

Download Attachment: [ MistralBothBowVeneer.jpg]( lemke/2005621113425_MistralBothBowVeneer.jpg)

Dick Lemke
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Build with the stringers attached to the mould.Don’t glue the hull venners to the stringers and build a hull shell with only a keelson and inwale attached.Light stiff and strong.
Use 3 layers,45degrees to each other.Use timber(venners) not plywood for this.