Code 0

Just did some drawings for an overlapping jib system and started thinking about a Code 0 (for those that don’t know it’s a sail that bridges the gap between a jib and spin and can be sailed upwind … sort of) … I seem to recall a link to a youtube video of an rc boat flying one but can’t find it … anybody know who’s done it and where existing links can be found … thx

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ps … not that any-one will but those that know me know there is no need to hold your council, speak up!

Is this the video you’re thinking about?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by Code 0. I thought this sail was called a genoa. (that’s the keyword I used to find the video too.)

clipped from a site I’ve just forgotten

The ‘Code 0’ is basically a cross between a spinnaker and a genoa. By technical definition, a genoa can have a mid girth no greater than 1/2 the foot; a spinnaker can have a mid girth no less than 3/4 the foot. Code 0’s are in that no-man’s-land between the two.

The original Code 0’s were Volvo Ocean Race sails. The Volvo 60’s were fractional rigs but we allowed masthead ‘reachers’ that could have a mid girth of no less than 65% of the foot. Paul Cayard’s team developed a kind of cheater reacher they called ‘Code 0’ that measured at 65% mid-girth but actually flew with the luff folded back on itself so that the sail was effectively a light air masthead genoa (or very close reacher). The sail was so effective in its condition that by the third leg of that VOR pretty much all the teams had ‘Code 0’s’. Since then the sails have become fashionable. They can be quite effective for boats with fractional rigs, masthead halyards and sprits - especially those boats with non-overlapping jibs - because they can add so much horsepower for tight reaching, i.e., sailing too close to the wind for a spinnaker.

Thanks for the link, btw … the boat I was looking for was sailing more agressively in alot more wind with more sail

I think a code zero is just a VERY large genoa. I think a jib is less than 100% of J, a genoa is greater than 100%, but less than 175% ?. Somewhere I saw that a code zero was 300%, but I have no idea how it would be practicable. I recall that many high class ocean racers use code zero’s, such as multihulls or VOR70’s

are either of those them?

Thanks mate … that boat is seriously overpowered …

This will link to North’s Code O pages …

Is the code 0 an asymetric spinnaker by another name? Sort of like the ones used on Int 14s, 49ers, etc ?

No, thats a gennaker…

the lowdown on the code 0 (basically an upwind assymetrical spinnaker). They were made to sail up to 25 degrees to apparent wind (volvo open 60’s can get up to 19-20 degrees). It was made to “bend” the rules of racing, where masthead genoa’s were not allowed, however masthead assymetrical spinnakers were.