Cobra 5 "McRig" tests

Hello, I already wrote about my building a Cobra from Bill’s patterns. Here’s my latest test. I am using a “pseudo” McRig, same geometry but no z bend wire, all carbon. Still obviously a single sail setup. Today was my third sailing, no other RG but a brand new IOM to compare with. It was cold, with a gusty wind, but since I only have an A rig I used it. The sailcloth I am using is very light and did not keep its shape in previous tests, so I added 3 full width battens made from 1/2 millimeter carbon rods. The sail held itself much better. Today I also tried a similar A size swing rig setup on the Cobra, I have made it easily swappable with the “McRig”. Results: pseudo McRig handles very well, fast turns. Pointing was excellent, visibly better than the IOM - a recent German design with a good suit of sails. On a tacking match, though he had the upper hand on absolute speed, I pointed better and turned faster. Obviously he was also faster downwind, the more so as he has a bulbous bow and did a lot less nosediving than my Cobra.
Similar tests with the swing rig were not as good, slower turns and inferior pointing, but it was a first for the swing rig on this boat so not necessarily conclusive.
Another member of my club, who sailing a Micro Magic this afternoon and has an RG65 being readided, was watching and wants to build a Cobra.


Great job, Patrick…your Cobra makes me feel like a proud poppa. Keep up the testing with your different rigs…any info about the Una vs. Swing rig would be greatly appreciated.



forgive the timing, but I was able to build a Minitux II over the winter, and the hull is ready to fit the rig. Can you offer any help for figuring where to step the McRig? First, how did you vou find the CE of the sail, an then how did you find the CLR of the hull? I thin I can assume you used the usual way to step the McRig.