CNC shaped foam hull plug

Im planning on making either a male mold, or a full female mold (depending on how many takers I have) and wondered if I could get a block of foam CNC machined in 3d for a reasonable price. Are companies at all interested in such small one off jobs? and if so what files etc do they usually require?

Im in Australia so any information on anything locally would be particularly useful.


I am in the USA, and I also am interested in outsourcing the work to have a CNC Plug/Mould made.

Any information anyone might have as to how this can be done, please let us know.

At one time I was quoted $475 (US) from a fellow in Michigan that builds “big” boats. A bit spendy for a one-off, although there are companies advertising on the net that will do prototype work. Depends on size and available table-top space. Mine was for a set of 48 inch long hulls for a multihull - so possible a single hull in/around a 1 meter size might be more reasonable.


Like this IOM hull?

is that the begining of IOM 681???

why I do believe it is…

Like that IOM Hull!
Where can one go to have that sort of work done this is build log of that hull…

From what I have seen Dick’s quote is “quite good” for what he ask for.
He must have had a good drawing in some CAD program that they could use.
If not be prepared to ADD programing time to the cost.
Some other things you should post that might help you get an answer would be :
Where you are at .
What size / Class the hull is you are looking for.
I have a CAD drawing in (X) format / I only have shadows in (X) format and need help putting together a 3D drawing.
I’m just doing this one for my self.
There may be more plugs to do in the future because I have a little home business doing RC boats.
Good Luck

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody !

In your Blog you mention: “Thanks to a good friend for his computer and CAD/CAM/CNC machine, he working on a goth plug.”

How/where in the USA can one go to outsource the CNC Work for folks that do not have a friend with a CNC Machine.
Can/Should/Could one open the yellow pages and find a CNC Shop?

Hi Breakwater
Any luck finding a machine shop. I see not many jumped in here. (I’m the only one with time on a machine???) Price quotes would be interesting if you got any… I know I never charge enough for mine, the line is out the door.

You can try John Lindahl (design/builder of “A” Class catamarans) as I believe he may have a source to do 5 axis CNC machining. Just reference my name - and if he no longer has that source, please post here so I don’t give out info except for possible catamaran buyers. Be sure he understands it is for r/c sailboats - not full size ones.

John Lindahl
6002 Cedar St
Fennville, MI USA 49408


No, Unfortunatley I was not able to locate a USA source who could do this work for us.
However, between then and now I did acquire the Moulds for the Terry Allen MAX, and Sweede Johnson ORCO '89 Skinny Marbleheads, and hope to produce boats out of them at rock-bottom prices to the customer…

Hey Breakwater
Maybe found what you were looking for. Look at this.


Whoa, cool.
Thank You!


Not sure where you are in Australia, but I’ve used; here on the Gold Coast Queensland to cut me a male IOM plug.

Was a couple of years ago and cost around $200 if I remember correctly. They require files to be in STL,DXF or DWG format.