CNC Machining (US)

I am not sure where exactly this would fit. Discussions have taken place randomly on this site, and I was just made aware of this service from a fellow big cat builder/sailor. In addition to building/selling his own ultralight full-size wooden catamarans, he has been an engineer at S2 Yachts, and now is off on this venture.

Not sure how serious you might be for a CNC produced plug, and am not sure how expensive his source is that actually does the work - but if you are serious about a design, may I recommend you contact John for futher information.

[i]Thought I’d let you know what my next adventure is.

I was recently asked to quote building a prototype model and molds for a fiberglass boat
manufacturer(Rinker). My research put me in touch with a company specializing in five-axis CNC machining. I was very impressed with their pricing, and that they deliver a quality product on time.

I have agreed to work with them and would like you to pass the word that a reasonable source is out there for this type of work. If you know of anyone that has a modelling project that needs quoting let me know.

Meanwhile think spring, unless you’re still

John Lindahl
Lindahl Composite Design
6002 Cedar Street
Fennville, MI 49408
cell: 269.650.5900[/i]

O man 5-axis is some big time $$$. Unless your hull has tumblehome you reallt only need a 3-axis machine.

Yeah, a 5-axis would def. get the job done, but it could be done just as well with a 3-axis. I know I used to use a 3-axis back in school for machining buggy parts and that went through aluminum like butter so if you chocked a piece of foam up there, you could run it at max speed with the max amount of depth per pass allowed without loosing accuracy. I guess it would matter what type of end mill you had b/c that would have an effect on the outcome also. Just my $.02.
Andrew Miller

…and then there’s always stereo lithography[:-bigeyes][:-bigeyes2][:-bigeyes][:-bigeyes2]
although I think the size might be limited to less than 1 meter.

Another service I’ve been checking out for a small production run of steel parts is . They offer a CAD program you can download. Then you draw up the part,select material & type of machining. After that, you can submit the part for a price quote & order fabrication if desired. I haven’t purchased any parts yet, but the software & tutorials are user friendly, and the user help response was quick

i could used the cnc machine. but need to know what type of file? or can i just send the blueprints? and what is the price. is there a website?

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<font color=“green”>[If you are asking about]</font id=“green”> <s>For</s> Lindahl - email him for further information. Heard he was getting ready to work with a west side Michigan sailor on a one meter monohull, so possibly not that expensive given how fast the 1 Meter classes change in what is “hot”. (ie: expensive tooling in a development class sometimes is difficult to justify)

However, I am sure the costs are sufficient to give some thought as to how many hulls you think you can sell.

While 5 axis may be overkill, it’s nice to know a source where avialable if needed, and also that is is a boat builder behind the scenes. If anyone uses or get quotes please post to let the rest of us know the going rate… if you don’t mind sharing.

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Just an update I received from John. Email him for more info. My guess is this is probably a US1M shape, but I could be wrong. Keep in mind he is a big-boat sailor (primarily) and is just getting his toes wet in the R/C world … be gentle ! [:D]

“Hi Dick,
Just finished up a hull for a one-meter in gel and 4 oz. cloth It looks real good and the mold owner doesn’t care if we build more hulls off his mold. Can do these for about $110.00. If anyone is interested let me know.”

See above for contact information for this source.

<font color=“green”>EDIT: ADDED </font id=“green”>-Hi Dick,
I have more info on the hull we are building. It fits both one-meter classes and is called a Ray Ozmun hull. Our first one in 4oz.cloth weighed 18 oz.

Would love to see pictures of this hull! any chance at them?

I will ask and post if available.