CNC machine at SEARS

I’ts quite new, I’ve seen the ads on TV couple of days ago… could it be of some use? For fins and rudder molds?


Very intersting. Not clear whether it will accept driver files from drafting programs other than its own. This could be a hassle.

Precision/repeatability is not clear. It sounds as if it could in principle produce hull blanks for smaller even quite large model yachts (25 cm hull depth is quite large).

I’ve never looked at pricing for having a machine shop mill a plug from a design, I would think it would be cheaper for a couple plugs, but if you are looking for a larger volume it maybe be cost effective. I would think it would be hard to create the hull shape desired with their program (if that is the only program it uses. But at the very least, you could use it to cut pretty accurate buttock sections if you use the MDF method.
I’ll stop rambling now.

Good find.

Instead of using the machine to carve an entire hull, why not use it to cut the formers? I find that part to be the most tedious and exacting work. Although it’s an awfully expensive machine just to save a few hours of work with a scroll saw.