The following photos are provided courtesy of Clyde Jones. The boat is a NIGHTMARE trimaran, as manufactured by Ian Sammis of Kansas. It is an F-48 (Formula 48) Class multihull and meets the class rules for the F-48 and the Mini40 classes. Currently the F-48 Class is a part of and recognized by the AMYA OPEN Class. Ian continues to provide everything from raw hulls to finished read-to-sail multihulls, both catamaran (2 hulls) and trimaran (3 hulls) so those interested in this class and boat have the option to contact Ian or Clyde for more information.

Please use the Personal Message feature, as I do not wish to post their individual email addresses for SPAM and junk mail reasons. You can correspond directly with either if this class and style of boat is of interest.

Clyde travels the boat “broken down” and assembles on site. I do not believe he uses the trailer to transporting the boat. :blkeye:

My thanks to Ian Sammis for his continued support of the class as a semi-custom builder, and to Clyde Jones for his sharing of the photographs. If you have specific questions regarding the class, you may direct those to my attention.


Looking good!!

BTW, where can I find the F-48 class rules? I tried to bring up the website, but couldn’t get past the login.


[COLOR=black]Should be at this URL - which opened for me just before posting this:

[LEFT]If you can’t open, here are our F-48 Rules… ATTACHED PDF FORMAT FILE

Alternatively, they should also be available on the Multihulls Discussion Forum located at this URL:

There is only one additional rule interpretation that pertains to spinnakers, if you intend to use them. They are legal, but cannot, when used, exceed the total sail area allowed. For more info, if you plan to use a spinnaker, please email me.

G’day Dick , I wonder mate, if you could tell me the outcome of the Multi R/C nationals in Australia . I thought thery were happening about now .

How did your daughter go ?


I haven’t heard from Peter Birch or Kylie as to outcome. Usually they send me a quick note and a few photos. Will have to check to see.

[off topic response]
Daughter finished summer horse season with 3 out of a possible 4 Top Ten National finishes. Two came in Canada in August, and 1 came from US Nationals in New Mexico in late October. Season is now over, and I understand she is pulling the mare from major competition next summer to try to get her into foal. Last I heard, they were talking to a stallion owner in California, and we are just awaiting videos so we can see what he looks like and how well he moves.

Her (other) one year old colt just had a “shave job” by one of the other horses. His tail is “ok” but big chunks of mane have been chewed off. Time to get out the “hot sauce” and rub on manes and tails. Seems like this always happens in early winter/late fall. Don’t know why. Waiting for photos from a photo shoot we did a few weeks ago. When I get them I will add to this post so you can see the horse.