Club insurance

Ok guys, how many people have liability insurance where they sail?


No insurance here … maybe once the city approves the use of local ponds we will have to get insurance. Does the AMYA pond owner insurance cover Canada? CRYA does not offer any thing simular.

So far we do not have pond owner’s insurance with our new club. Of course with the good deal on insurance that AMYA offers, we’d definately get it should the county/city require it.


Air Capitol Model Sailing Club

I have never been asked to provide insurance and I sail on a city water reservoir.
I also would check out your homeowner’s policy for a “racing” exclusion as they are pretty common among most underwriters. Some policies even exclude “sporting events”.
If you are casually sailing along and your boat injures a person, another boat or object, you would have liability insurance for both bodily injury and property damage. But if you are in a racing event and your policy excludes it, there’s no coverage.
The “sporting event” exclusion is a rip-off. It is intended to exclude injuries like your daughter protecting home plate at her softball game, hitting someone or something with a golf ball or an injury during a backyard game of yard darts. It definately would exclude damage caused by your sailboat whether you are racing or not.