Club Finder Thread

I thought I would start this thread for any who had questions about the new Club plotting program. Feel free to reply with any suggestions/Comments/Problems when using the club finder

This is an exciting new development and I hope it will allow people to see how many clubs are around the world.

A great idea Chad

One problem I have experienced is that when clicking on my Club entry in Australia the text box appears for a second and then disappears along with the club location. If you then scroll left it appears in part but not fully.

Can you advise why?

Graeme Turk

hi guys
my club is the KITCHENER MODEL YACHT CLUB. basicly it is a model club i started, here is waterloo ontario. we have a total of 5 members and we sail down at silverlake( town pond). now this will get a little sticky because there is already another club here in town. but the politics got alittle too much for me and i left. after a year of sailing by myself i started this club with a friend. and we grew from there. the other club does not liek us and wont even says we exist. which is fine, we have fun. and we grow slowly. we hold meeting in my rec room once a month. during winter and even have done it right. we have a constitution, and a board members. now you can laugh at this. 5 members and 4 are on the board. and one member does nothing.

Hmmm - I get an empty box - no included data or text.

I wouldn’t worry about it Dick , I can’t get any sense out of it either!


It looks like google updated there map coding. I will have to update it again.

Dick and I are both in the empty box club… nothing for me either. I hope that you get it to work, that would be a nice treat. We should do everything we can (IMHO) to promote the hobby at the club level. I predict that the time has come for R/C model sailing to take off and grow at a rate never seen before.

Ok I found the issue. I guess I need to put a constraint in the database to not allow quotes because it was screwing up the javascript on the page which did not allow the program to work. So until then try to refrain from using quotation marks when you enter your club information.

Try it now dick and Larry.

Ok, I think I killed it…

Made some inputs…and now its blank!


First, good design requires the quick post icon to be near here not up there somewhere.

Second - I got a blank box on IE and Mozilla.


I used to be able to see it - then I entered my club details and entered the blank box brigade at the same time, don’t know if my club details ever appeared.

The Map Finder should work now… again… watch out for adding non-alpha-numeric data. I have not yet put a filter in for that yet.

FunnyBones- Not sure what you are refering to. There is a post reply button on top of the posts and and the bottom. There is also a quick reply in each of the posters boxes. Please let me know if this is not what you are referring. I would be more than happy to move a component if you think it is better placed somewhere else.

OK - where do you find any kind of link to use to access the Club Finder map - other than the link buried in Chad’s original post?

I found the map (still has a blank horizontal box above the map), and a few clubs are showing, but where do you go - what do you click on to add club data?

Once added, can the data be edited or deleted by peson posting data?

select the closest “location” (city, place, whatever google has), click on it, and enter your datas…not sure you can edit it…

It should also be under announcments in the general forum.

Yeah its still just a link because I am still kinda in the testing phase. I will probably add a little text link under the locations so that they can be edited or maybe even deleted. Just I have been busy for a bit but I was excited about the project and wanted at least get it out.:jump4:

What is the value of the quick reply box being greyed out in any case? I would prefer it ready and waiting OR, failing that, another edit button alongside the blank quick reply.

Nick - the quick reply box is only greyed out until you click the icon in the bottom right of the posters box - try it, I just did to find the answer for you.

Alan is correct. This is what allows the hybrid mode to function and show the branches off of the thread and posts. If I enable the quick reply box to function without that constraint (clicking on the post you would like to reply to) it would break or disallow the hybrid mode to function.

I am willing to break it or disable it if everybody else finds they would never use the hybrid mode. Which then would allow the quick reply box remain active at all times.

Oops, I think I broke it this time.

Might have been that I had an http:// in the comments.

BTW, a field for a club URL would probably be nice.


ok back on… just need a little bit of time to clean that javascript up. it wasnt the http:// its the ’ and periods. javascript is taking those as programming and not strings.

I ll add that club url field too.