Climate Models

I cannot log on to the site? Don’t know why, but I found this forum that had a Climate Models person posting.
I just puchased a Blizzard Outrigger from Fine Design and the kit is great but the instruction sheets are the worst.
Figures 1,2,3,and 4 are not even there and the rest of the figures that are there are pretty much useless to see what the written instructions are saying.
I do not think I will be able to do the boat justis with these plans.
Some of the figures(pictures) look like they where color and then reproduced in very poor black and white.
I hope I can get a set of instructions that are as good looking as the lazer cut wood is!
I can be e-mailed
Thanks Bill:scared:

Have you tried who seem to have taken over Climate. I tried to enter but the page wouldn’t load either. handled a lot of Climate’s stuff in the UK and you could try there.

After Peter Richards sold, left, merged, or whatever - the place went into the toilet. (my opinion) I recall somone called “Chris” posting here (or a different R/C forum) - and indicating he represented Climate Boats, but when pressed he would never respond to emails or answer questions from forum readers regarding back-orders, etc.

Maybe contact Brian Simms at VisionSails and see if he has heard anything. He was selling the boats for a while. Nothing new on the Halo Owners Group pages since February of 2007 ! Also Bill Young, Open Class Secretary might have a clue what is happening as well.