Climate Models Mirror Dinghy

There is a magazine review in Model Boats, of the Mirror Dinghy kit.

Here is a link to the Model Boats page.


I’ve read the article, looks like a fun boat to build and sail.

Regards, Jan.

Boaters are nice people.

I’ve tried to find the article on the Mirror but no luck.

There is a current customer build review here:

Are you talking about a model Mirror or the full size dinghy? I am the owner of Mirror 44002. I didn’t know there was any mirror enthusiasts on this side of the pond.

My guess is this is a dead thread.

Seems once Peter Richards left Climate ( or sold his interest) is was downhill and no responses to email questons. They seemed to have a decent 1 Meter and the small, 30 inch “HALO” design “looked” much nicer than the MicroMagic (visual) - not sure what happened as the buyers (I think) were the laser cutting folks for Climate if memory serves me correctly.

Kind of too bad as I thought their products were head and shoulders above some of the plastic “stuff” currently being marketed - both in quality as well as in performance.

Thanks for the reply. That’s too bad, I had my hopes up that I could build a model of my sailboat. The reason is the hull of my full size boat has signifant rot, and I din’t think I posses the skills to restore her. Anyone out there feel up to the challenge? The spars,sails, rigging, tiller,and centerboard are in great shape,just need some love on the hull. I guess that the Nirvana will do for now! Brian

i have a climate ( IOM ) epoch. and i like it. it runs very well in most conditions. and it goes together well. the real good thing i like about the kit. is the way the boat runs in lite air. you sneeze. and the boat will move forward

i dont know if they are still avaible. but for the price i liked it:zbeer:

The boat’s still available from the original Canadian manufaturer: or through: in the UK

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