Click turnbuckle webpage??

I remember reading a webpage a while back about how to make a click turnbuckle. I was looking for the website today, and was unable to find it, does anyone know who wrote it, or perhaps have a copy of it?

I have a faint memory of reading it on a website for a club out west, but I?m not sure what one.

I saw that article, too. I think it was Rod Carr describing a backstay fitting for an EC-12, possibly in an AMYA Quarterly several years ago…but don’t quote me on that.

The article is indeed by Rod Carr. Issue number 100 of Model Yachting from summer of 1996 ( pages 28 to 31 ). Email or PM me and will send. Clyde


Thanks for the reply. At lest I was thinking the right area of the country, I e-mailed Larry Robinson yesterday, because he ran the Seattle model yacht club website, and I thought I read it there.

pm coming your way soon.