Clevedon footy 'festival'

Hi Guys,

today saw a return to the clevedon and district MBC of the ‘footy festival’… silly pirate HAT and all :lol:
Unfortunately due to health, and other problems, Andy T let me organise and run this myself, but i don’t think it turned out too bad, despite the weather…

Despite the threattening cloud and predicted 20mph+ winds, 4 brave modellers turned up with footies, and Andy T himself joined us for a little while :smiley:
We had myself- Bill Hagerup Ranger
Mike- A sanderson DUCK hull i believe with stollery inspired swing rig
Lawrence- a Deep draw 507 hull, and very squaretop Sliding Mcrig special…
Larry-a papaya and swing rig.

After setting out a simple triangle course (with pirate island as the windward mark, making for some intersting wind shadows…)
After a half hour tweaking session, we got underway with the first of 10 ‘races’ held as 5 pairs, 2 before lunch, 3 after.

After the first 2 races, help was offered to those struggling with trimming and boat speed in the gusty conditions to improve the fun :smiley:
All the races before lunch were held as 2 laps of the triangle course, passing through the ‘gate’ on each lap. The winds built race on race, and after 3 races it was a 1st 2nd and 3rd apiece… (Larry was having problems, with the papaya rig being too big, and not weathercocking well) The forth race went to Mike, with a well battled overtake on the finish line, as he caught the lift, and i was headed, his bow nipping the line by no more then an inch! :lol:

After lunch a decision was made to mix things up, with evry pair of races being run over a different course, in the now much stronger wind. Despite a couple of bad starts (on almost everyones behalf) caused by the gusty shifty conditions, the afternoons winner was the Ranger skippered by Scott Wallis, with a convincing 5 victories from 6 races.The second and third places were shared fairly evenly with all competitors showing good boat handling skills.

Photos included from the lunch time photo session, and one of the races as we battle to the island

All in all a fun day, and it will be repeated, though hopefully with more then one hat (thanks lawrence) and better weather

Well done, Scott!

I’ve always thought of Ranger as a good light-air boat, but it’s nice to see that she can perform in a blow, too. Looks like you guys had fun…I would love to have been there with you.



Good to hear from you.
Yeah i recall you writing that the Ranger was a light air boat.
Well i’ve now had it out in anything from 1mph to over 20 (gusting 25)mph and i handles it all well.
It won’t carry quite as much sail as a AWK or ICE, berauce it doesn’t have the HUGE flared BOW, but then again, its about half the weight, and it doesn’t need to. In the stong stuff it just shoots off down wind, and in a gust it tends to nod its bow before accelerating away before it gets to the submarining state

Thanks for a BRILLIANT design :smiley: