Clevedon & District MBC

Oh what a wonderful weekend!
Two days of fantastic weather with brilliant sailing - hundreds of visitors to the exhibits - Star of the show ~ the rowing boat However I think a strong contender for 2nd place was the Footy’s and Bottle Stand, Even if I say so myself.

I have had lots of compliments on the display, a huge interest on the boats them selves Also took the Fat head swing rig and the Hoyt rig out on the new bottle - got lots of comments on them too The printouts were appreciated and the labels helped people to understand what they were looking at ~ This was with out doubt a brilliant end to the summer

Discussed course lay out and got volunteers for the 28th One member with waders to put the buoys out clear weed and act as rescue if needed Two other members to act as OOD and scorer

Confirmed with Landlord to get tea and coffee jugs at about 12:30ish Trophy’s will be arriving toward the end of this week inc. engraving.
Shelter will be erected on the lake shore and if we need it the clubs marquee on the pub lawns could be arranged.

The club members have really galvanised themselves together this weekend.
I believe there is a real fire in their bellies to put on more events. So our Footy Open Meeting will I’m sure be very well attended by members keen to see how we do it.

Woe betide the person who protests! This is exactly what the members do not like about Woodspring and normal sailing events.

I have had at least 3 club members saying that they wish to build Footy’s and will be doing so over the winter period.

So I feel sure that once the meeting on the 28th has been another success, they will be itching to get going.

My talk on Footy’s and Bottle boats at October’s club meeting will be a fantastic encouragement giving new insights to them as well as others who are planning boats and what we have discovered we can also share with them.

Part of the hand outs at October’s meeting will be … ooops that a secret

All the club members want to do is enjoy themselves and if possible, have one over on the Woodspring Club at Portishead and they are seizing the Footy event with both hands.

I get the distinct impression that this club will be going places over the next few years.
We have the right people at the helm and the eagerness of the members.