Clean up the site - or watch use decline

Chad -

it appears there is an issue of SPAMMERs having access to this site with little if any security from you/us.

Only Cougar remains as an active (moderator) but he needs both help and security clearance to ban and delete posted messages when they are obviously SPAM. Warnings are worthless.

Second - starting here and going forward, make new members provide a legitimate email address and typical second/third step verification before allowing to post.

Third - appoint a few more moderators with ability to delete and ban - saves you a lot of time, since some of us visit quite often. I am offering to help - but would limit to SPAM only.

If you ( and “we” ) can’t clean up the site to prevent these outbreaks, I can see where many are going to stop visiting or posting since threads quickly become so dis-oriented they are difficult to follow. We had a similar problem before, and lost some contributors and I would hate to see the site go stale and dead.

I’m here to help you and Cougar clean it up and restore order. As for SPAMMERS - no need to notify them, just remove the post. Let me know if I can help you.

Ditto, and also willing to help moderate if that would be of use.



i am doing the best i can… but there is only so much i can do… if others want to have a crack at this… be my guest… i could use the help

Thank you Cougar for your help. I will see what kind of options I can do to bring on more moderators. I am just as puzzled lately on how they are getting through…
I have email verification, recapatchaII on. I also have been trying to monitor the IP address and where they are coming from with no pattern that I can determine.

While I try to come up with a new method of stopping this I will appreicate your help in helping me clean up. I will make Dick and Earl mods.