Class Insignia ?

Doug - I usually agree with you and never so much as now.

Yes it needs fixing, but with he minimum fuss. It cannot possibly be put to the technical team - it is not a technical metter in any proper sense and if I were one of them and pestered with this, I would go beserk (not a pretty sight).

The practical solution is easy. That piece of the rule was physically produced by Rodger Stollery using traditional architects’’/artists’ materials. Let us ask him to measure it. We can then insert a 1 cm ‘scale’ aloingside the full size diagram to aid sizing print outs.

Isn’t that what I asked?

I would be glad to transcribe/scan/add the ruler to whatever Roger sends me, by email, snail mail, or pack mule.


Soory - irritation induiced dyslexia! I shall try to get onto Roger tomorrow night.


Are we starting to count how many angels can fit on the head of a pin?
The dimensions for number size & spacing were spelled out in the original rules. The emblem should be given a fair latitude in size, as long as it’s clearly visible & “looks right”. The number sizes are what are most important in terms of visibilty under racing conditions. I certainly hope there isn’t some arbitrary rule imposed retroactively, as I already have several “Feet” on my sails, done with indelible ink. To make matters worse, some of them don’t even point forward. My suggestion is to leave it vaguely defined as it is now.


Bill’s idea of ‘what feels right’ is good. Requiring a certain size could be a problem, especially on the smaller 300mm B rigs. I did some 270 and 450mm luff sail mock-ups on paper, with 40 and 50mm footy logos. The 50mm logo will fit on the former, but it looks ‘too big.’ It looks like a proportional size or a choice of logo size on the sail, IMO, either 40mm or 50mm (for example) will be best.

You didn’t have that problem on 36s or 1M, because about any size logo (that could be easily seen from a distance) would fit.

I’m now wondering- is it really that important for the Footy insignia to be of a ertain size? while racing (or just sailing) I think it is more important to see the sail nuimber than the logo, because all the boats in a heat ought to be of the same class to begin with.


You are vrry unkind about mediaeval theologians. The angels on the pin head are actually the reducyio ad absurdam of a quite central argument on divine omnipotence. How ‘potent’ are the angels and to what extent (if at all) do their powers detract from omnipotence of the godhead. This is simply silly.

The luminae of a class that has just made a mojor advance in rig design, may be on the verge of major advances in hull forms, that has just pioneered a new and unique form of racing have to have a ‘car parking meeting’ in public to decide how big a document should be printed. I will ask Roger. That should be the end of it. Anything else requires a formal rule change. If anyone else wishes to initiate one, so be it, but you will fiind me playing IoMs or reading the Consolations of Boethius.

OK this is very simple and I will attempt to clear up from my perspective what has happened here.

The official rules are in PDF form…the rules summary and free sailing rules are published on the class website in this format.
Unfortunately the radio sailing class rules have been published on the website in HTML or PHP and the logo has been posted as separate image.

The class rule should have been published in PDF form which when printed on A4 paper should print out to the correct size.I believe this size to be 40mm but this needs to be confirmed with the artist,Roger Stollery.

The class management will ask the webmaster to provide the rules in PDF form.

Incidentally…those wanting or needing a class logo in the meantime should use the one from the Free sailing rules PDF.

I doubt that anyone would question the legality of any boats with non complying Logos.
I for one will have to change the Logo on my plan sheets.

I would also propose a tolerance of plus or minus 2mm on the Logo size.

Yep, I have the PDF file in my computer and printing in A4 gives me 40mm. The same as what I did with my normal American settings. Looks fine to me

My copy was also a .pdf, hence my logo size.


Wooooops sorry guys it was never my intention to stir up this hornets nest. :diablo:

I was simply concerned with the orientation rather than the size.

On the size question my input would be “any size you like.” I mean quite frankly who gives a toss, it has absolutly no bearing on the performance of the craft and each owner should be free to apply the logo in any size they see fit.
If you really need to have a rule then between 40-60mm should cover every size sail to give artistically correct proportions to the markings.:batman:

Geeeezzzzz man, what a lot of fuss.:trouble:

Hi. I live in Tokyo, Japan, and am Japanese. I have also lived in USA in the past. So, I have lived in both metric and inch regimes. Yeah, 5/32 inch balsa sheet really caught me off guard. I still cannot figure out if this way of showing length or thickness is ideal:p
Now, why not keep this as simple as possible for everyone, regardless of where one lives. KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) rule should work just fine here. A 50 mm logo if you live in the metric world, and 2 inches if you live in the inch world. In R/C sailplanes, HLG(hand launched gliders) use a similar approach. Wingspan of either 1.5 m or 5 feet. This is working just fine, so why not with a Footy logo? My yen’s worth.:wink: