Circa 1940 (??)

I received the following photos from Greg Vasileff today. He is helping set up a Newport Museum Show and took pictures of a cat belonging to John Snow. He is guessing the boat is circa 1940 - or perhaps a bit older.

<center>Photo Courtesy of Greg Vasileff</center>

The boat appears to be a free sailing cat, and in really great condiiton after all these years. Note that it even sports one of those new, high-tech “gaff” type rigs ! [:D]

A few other shots.

Download Attachment: [ smsnowcat_05.jpg]( lemke/200458221534_smsnowcat_05.jpg)

Download Attachment: [ smsnowcat_07.jpg]( lemke/20045822160_smsnowcat_07.jpg)

Sincere thanks to Greg for sharing these with me.