Chris Dicks Design Award

Chris Dicks Award results - and all sorts of other interesting stuff - now belatedly available at . Enjoy.

Your geocities site seems to be unavailable, at least in Canada. I get message stating that it has exceeded its data transfer capacity. May I suggest that the Footy Forum may be a better outlet for Footy data and news, unless a larger site devoted solely to Footydom worldwide be formed.
Incidentally, in your Liverpool conference, could you emphasize the role of the less experienced designers and sailors in the Footy movement. I feel that otherwise Footys will go the way of IOMs and US1Ms, where only paid designers and near-professional sailors have a chance. Footydom is nothing if it cannot be experimental for everybody. There are lots of other classes for the RTS crowd.
Rod Razor 08 CAN

Rod - tanks for that input. We are in fact ahead of you. The list od speakers and papers wil be published very shortly. There is a strong emphasis on moving ‘sophisticated’ design from expert workshops to the kitchen table. I think you would enjoy it.

I don’t know where abouts you are in Candada, but you are very welcome to attend. There are weekly+ flights from Hamiton (Ont), Calgarry and Vancouver to Manchester for a little over $CDN 800. or to London for about the same price. One alternative is to come the week before to London, do the regatta in Hove (near London) on 29 June and fly back from Mancester.

If you sendme your e-mail, I’ll send you a lies sheet.

PS If you have kids, I’m in the process of trying to rig up a kids’ event witin the main one.