Chinese Junk Footy

Following the sucess story of the introduction of Footy’s into my local club, I find it fasinating that the bug seems to be quite infectious and is spreading amongst the members, one of whom is now making the plug for a Chinese Junk Footy that will have interlinked twin masts!

Needles to say I have put my name down for one.

I am amazed at the ability of these craft and look forward to the time when i have one to sail


Looks good - but surely all the bottle boats could be classed as junk hulls?


I was thinking that my rigs fall under the same category

agree with you both

I have been sailing Kwan Yin, the “Goddess of Mercy”, for some years now. Admittedly, she is not a Footy, being about a metre long, but is rigged as authentically as I can do it, complete with a statue of the Goddess in the cabin of the Captain. The sails are fully battened and have euphroes on the sheets to distribute the sheeting forces correctly to the sail. While she is equipped with a motor, it may be turned on and off by radio, even though only 2 channels are used.
I did not build the hull (she is an old British model,designed for steering control only.) Interestingly enough, there is an identical model in Ottawa, although now rigged somewhat differently.
Sailing her is an interesting experience, as all the normal Western ideas of sail angles etc. have to be abandoned. The sails need to be let out much further so that she sails more upright.
Incidentally, the correct name is not ‘junk’, which is a mispronounciation of the Dutch ‘djonk’, derived from an Indonesian word. They are correctly ‘chu’an’, which means ‘boat’. (A ‘sampan’ means ‘three planks’).
All together, a most informative exercize!