China RC Sailing

For anyone interested in seeing what RC sailing in China is like, feel free to visit our new group page: [](West Lake Irregulars)

We’re mostly focused on recreational sailing but will be developing our racing skills this coming season with the advent of our growing IOM fleet.

We welcome any sailor who lives in China or should be visiting the area to join us on the local lakes here in Hangzhou or sail with our outlying members who live in Shanghai, Nanjing & Zhengzhou. :zbeer:


Awesome, as it turns out I am VERY interested in sailing in China… will have to check out our site when I get out of the office!

Several of our members were lucky enough to sail with China’s E Class championship last Friday on Dianshan Lake west of Shanghai. It appears to be the largest class we’ve found here & with rules very close to IOM, very compatible to sail against. Two of our UK expats were in front of the local fleet in several races with one placing 3rd overall! Somehow, I doubt he’ll be allowed to go to Qingdao for the finals! :smiley:

If you’re currently in China or planning to visit anytime soon, feel free to contact me here or via the WLI page as we’re always looking for others to sail with. Many of our expat members have had to move recently due to the current economic situation, but we are bringing new locals & laowai on board with sailing twice a month split between Hangzhou & Shanghai.

Hi All

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:slight_smile: from NZ