Chicago High School to build an RG 65 or One meter after school

I plan to work with a group of Chicago high school students, starting in January, to scratch build several RG 65 or One Meter boats. We would like to build them an inexpensive as possible. I’m looking for some guidance/mentorship. I have spent more time than I’d be willing to admit researching the topic, and have built a few trial hulls. I have purchased materials at hobby stores, hardware stores and kite shops.
I’m thinking the RG 65 Sketch with plan B sails might be the best route to success. I’d like to be ready to race the bats in the school pool by May.
I think our biggest hurdle will be the ballast. I can’t have High school students working with molten lead. Next biggest challenge is rigging design and sails. I think I have a good material for the mast and boom, rigging, I’m not so sure.

An RG65 is not a bad place to start with senior High School students provided you purchase the hulls or use a chined design.
With the price of balsa and other building materials and the necessary building skills quite high for a student it is best to think somewhat carefully.
offer an inexpensive solution with RG65 and Footy hulls available in High Impact Polystyrene, deck optional. A balsa frame and film deck is possible. Bulbs available too.
If you want a quick build or the students are early teens or less skilled, the Footy is the way to go.
Definitely use the McRig on both as it is cheap, easy and quick to rig compared to swing or sloop rigs.
The sail servo on a McRig Footy can be a standard cheap 9-15 gram 2kg servo with a Stollery Power Lever, rather than a much more expensive Sloop/R65 setup. Battery is simply a used cell phone battery, or can be sailed free without radio gear. The bulb is a 7-8 ounce fishing sinker.

I have experience with kids building yachts and I designed the simplest, cheapest possible Footy for just this purpose that you may care to use.