Cheap Boat Stand

wal mart stand, fishing stool $6.97.
Wall mount rack home made $5.00 worth of wood, cut to fit boat.
See attached pictures.

Download Attachment: Racks.jpg

Download Attachment: SB-stand.jpg

If It Don’t Float Add More Foam

i really like the wall mount but it would be a bit big to hold the tri

such is life!

now guys
i am impressed by the use of the melon here. the fishing chair works great. but i dont think the fish plague will work with the IOM. you would be always walking into the blub. or kicking the hull. anybody else have ideas like this. we need more of this
p.s. i use a clothes drying rack from canada tire. (9.95) this will provide a stand for 4 boats. with a small modification

long live the cup and cris dickson