Chat room time

Hello friends
i have been talking to members on msn all the time. and hvae come to a couple of conclusion.

  1. we all love to talk
  2. we all live around the world
  3. time diffences make a differnce
    SOOOOOOOOO i was thinking what if we could decided on a time. say friday. betweeen 5 gmt-9gmt. this does not meen you cannot go there anytime you want. but this would be a time when we could all get there. so for me in ontario. that would meen i would be there from noon unitll 4
    for other . post what you think?
    long live the cup
    did you see erich boats

sounds good to me/

Will try to be online at the times you suggested. (as long as She who must be obeyed doesn’t have plans for me on my days off)


Cougar…I should be able to make that…sounds great.

Seawind #80

you guys
this sucks. we tried to do the chat room. and for all you experts out there
guess who showed up?
tom williams, john dowd, and my self
so i say shut the damm thing down. nobody uses it
long live the cup


you are sooooooooooo wrong…

Many people do use the chat:
Me [;)]
Tom Williams
Dan Sherman
Dick Lemke
Peter Birch
you [;)]

and more…keep the chat! it works!!


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

wis i agree. i look at the names? 3 mods. and the rest are team players. that have an intrest in passing good information
come on in guys
post a time and I will try and be there? or one of the other mods.
but so far only 5 post? and i made 3 of them
long live the cup

Why dont you make a good reason for going to the chat?

Why not invite a celebrity of some kind so people want to join in.
Just having a plain chat is no reason to go. You can post whatever you want on the board at any time. A chat has to be special if you want people to show up.

Peter R.


I would have to agree with Peter a “celiberty” in the room or a set topic helps to get people into the swing of things.

At times it is great to have a “free for all” at times these end up better then a set chat topic.
If a “expert” is present is it possible to do a printed copy of the discussion for those not ablt to attend? This is done on some chat rooms.
A guide line has to be developed as to how the questions are asked. We would not want 15 people all asking questions at once and no one gets there answers.
Suggested topics
Hull construction
Sailing fast
promotion of RC Sailing
(exchange of ideas that work)
Sail tuning
and the dreaded Rule discussion
(this one would besailing rules)

As for the “expert” this is tough as there are so many great sailors out there with a ton of knowledge. I know I would love to sit down with a few here and discuss boats


ok good idea
i like it too
so do I have any voulneteers? i am willing to go a discuss MY ideas for a IACC20 boat?
does anybody else want to go and dicsuss a certian topic like maybe seawinds? or IOMs. or even how to make a mold?
come on people help us help youi am no expert. but i guess i am close enough to the iacc20 boat to be considerd an expert. we have chiico and erich now
lets talk boats
long live the cup and cris dickson

Lloyd, don’t take this the wrong way, but you are not the kind of expert I was referring to.

An expert is someone who has, or is involved, or displays special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience in a field.

I was thinking more along the lines of a designer, sailmaker, class champion, or a manufacturer.
Someone who has an in depth knowledge of a certain subject and can share it with the group.

I recently did an on line question period on laser cutting. It is amazing how many good and well thought out questions came up from modelers who knew nothing about the process.
They left well informed, and know know the basics of what a laser is and how it operates.
Most of them did not even know you could cut perfect sails on one.

I would be happy to volenteer for a chat session on a subject here if there is enough demand for it.
My only criteria is that the subject has to stay on track. If you want to talk about something else, then get another expert who is better versed on that subject.

Peter R.



I like the idea!

But I think on other forum (windpower) , they also have this kind of “thread”…not many answers…too bad.

But, it could be really nice!

Now, we need some “pro”!

I know that a few are here…but the only thing, is the chat!
Why not making a thread, and asking questions to a “pro”
For ex: July: Mr. A
August:Mr. B

So the info will stand!

Just my 2 Yen


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _