changing mode on a Futaba T6J to sheet on left ?

Hi, do any of you know if it is possible to change the mode on a Futaba T6J ? One tx I am looking to buy has the “throttle” on the right but I am used to sheet in-out with my left hand. Is it possible to change that mode or is it set by the manufacturer ?

and if it is possible to change the mode of the tx is it done electronically or a case of opening the tx rear panel and removing the spring from one stick to the other side ?



Mode is adjustable through programming on the T6J, although the manual makes no mention of changing spring or ratchet feedback. Check out the following link & go to page 72 for changing mode.



Hi Row, thank you very much for your response - indeed they don’t mention about changing the spring I suspect you need to so that the stick doesn’t come back to the neutral position in the middle.

Thanks Row.