Champion RG-65 Boat Hulls

Just trying to get a handle on some info for those interested in building a RG-65 and are having a tough decision on which hull to build.

Could anyone please tell me what the first 5 finishing boat hull designs are, in France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile,etc. ? I would then make a chart with pictures,links to the plans, etc. and post then make the chart part of our yahoo site.

Thank you.

I searched through the Spanish site but couldn’t find any reference to a national championship. However, from the various regatta reports, the Spirit 65 Fairlady seems the boat to beat.

in Germany the first 5 designs were

Laerke (IOM design, Soren Andresen)
OFFSET (German RG design, Arne Semken)
Palo del Agua (modified)

Pictures from the German Masters (Oct 07) you can find here:

Usually, we use fins of about 25-30cm with a bulb weight of 500-550g. Boat weights are around 1kg.

In Argentine the first 5 designs were

1- 43 - owner design
2- 87 - owner design
3- 18 - owner design
4- 7 - JIF 2
5- 71 - owner design

Hi Roadtoad / Sven
I just came across this old post and wondered what the better designs are now 4 years later.

It’s been awhile since I have been on the forum or built a sailboat. Decided I need to play in the water again. I am finding there’s a lot of shapely hulls out there and had a tough decision which to play with. Decided to grab a couple Pakinto hulls to start with.

well designed boats in Germany today are the JethRace and the Mali with some others close by (like the KielFish). From Switzerland SLIM_65 is well performing and there is a German-Swiss “joint venture”, the Outsider - not so popular but also giving good results. Also worthwhile is to have a look at the X-Sails boats (Germany). Best X-Sail design for the moment is (for my opinion) the Hashtag.

Performance of the different designs has come quite close now …

Latest information from the German Championship 2013

1- SLIM_65 (Designer: Tobias Laux, SUI)
2- MaLi (Designer: Roland Kitzung, GER)
3- Argon (Designer: Graham Bantock, GBR)
4- Kielfish (Designer Sigfried Ettling, GER)
5- MaLi