Chad, please, PLEASE answer this!!!

I have re-opened the forums. Dan decided to close them without informing all of the moderators. This does addmittedly boil down to the ‘banning’ of Doug, which again, not all the moderators agreed on, and which Chad has not said anything about. Really, Chad please, please decide what you want this forum to do, and act on it. Whatever you decide I am sure will be respected by all forum mebers.

By the way I have been away the last week, sailing of all things, hence my lack of action before…

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

matt i have relocked the forums. cougar wis and i are in agreement, that the forum must stay lovked untill chad answers back, I did send emials to everyone invluding you. but for some reason my loging was messed up for a few days, my pass word did not work, colors where different also. Also the forum settings where all changed. some of the settings are completely gone. including the moderation option on all the forums except the pub. please e-mail me when you read this, because i just sent another e-mail to you, and i don’t know if my e=mail is working again or not.

-dan sherman


This is so funny even the mods are not in agreement as to what they are doing.

Ok guys I think it is time you all sat down and discussed what you are doing. And come up with a game plan that you all agree to

Either unlock the forum or leave it locked


We just tried to via MSN, no luck guys, Ive been overuled…Well, guess its goodbye for a while, really can’t be bothered with this anymore. Please Chad, sort it out, somehow!!

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

i dont give up that easy. if you want to quit. go right ahead
we are having a meeting tommorow. if you dont wnat to show up . that is fine
long live the cup and cris dickson