Chad, get this forum under control!

Chad, the “signal to noise” ratio on this and other forums on this site is heavily inverted in the last couple of days. Too many posts, too little helpful information. Rarely does there seem to be a topic with definitive answers and constructive discussions. A few topics keep going with a moderate number of pleasant replies and discussions, however, most have turned into guerrilla warfare.
For example, a sailor innocently shared information about his boats and designs, and found himself, his ideas, his boats, his club, and his “mates” being sent to the Mince-O-Matic. Who wants to share after witnessing those events? The Marquis de Sade? I have posted only once since my own self-deprecating, satirical humor was thrown back at me as a measure of my perceived lack of knowledge in a field in which I considered to be an expert.
I’ve got better things to do, like tune my rigs and polish my fins. Oops! I just left myself open to a barrage for “polishing” my fins.
Chad, to paraphrase Col. Sanders: “Drain the swamp, before you’re up to your “butt” in alligators.”

dont let people take you down. my club is small and i get it all the time, where i live we have 2 clubs one general and one sail. the sail club is mine. i get it from all the people saying how great the big club is and what we are doing is wrong. the 6 of us realy dont care. we sail and eat pizza and talk sail. i would not have chopped up his ideas , where were they