Century 750 ?

I recently purchased a Century 750 as a beater “trunk boat” to keep in the car, sail recklessly in salt water, weedy ponds, etc…

Anyone out there have one of these? Experiences or successful, low cost modifications you can share? I got it mostly as a low cost boat to learn and modify, realizing it’s not exactly club racing material.

(Later that day…)

I just assembled the boat and I’ll try to be positive.

If you can get one at half price on eBay it’ll make a great sail making and re-rigging lesson opportunity.

It’s basically a good hull shape and there is a lot of room for simple, low budget improvements.

If it starts to sink you can throw the radio and it to make sure it settles to the bottom quickly. :crazy:

Anyone out there take up the challenge? What would be a good, low budget sail material? Is there something I can get at an art supply store or West Marine?

I bought one last year as a toy. I didn’t even bother with the rig that came with it. threw away the heavy plastic mast, and used an aluminium tube. the jib got the same treatment, and I made a simple jib with a built in forestay and didn’t bother with the other forestay.
I had a bit of trouble with mine leaking, but I think it was just poor taping around the hatch (the system it has is useless without tape)
I tended to sail mine only when too windy for big boat sailing, so it took a beating.
After a particularly bad sail which involved nearly sinking it, I stripped it right down, removed all the fittings and started cutting holes in the deck for a spinnaker retrieval tube. dunno If I will ever finish it though.
In short, for the Aus$140 or whatever it was, it seems a fun toy, but no more than that.

Maybe some rip-stop nylon from a local fabric store? Ask for 1.5 oz. (OK - it’s a US measurement) if they have it. If not settle on the .75 oz. (US) as most carry the lightweight stuff.

If boat is as cheap as you say - don’t worry about sail weight - get what you can get. Mylar (drafting film) will be more expensive from an art/engineering supply store.

Make some sails, get it on the water and enjoy. Then start saving for a better boat… maybe IOM ?