I every body, I’m just new in this forum, but I take the opportunity to presents my last baby called CDCAT - The design is essentially based upon a Class M. Only one test made so far with havy wind. The sail surface was limited to 60dm? because of the restriction for the stay not to go abone 80% of the mast lenght. Actually, I decided not to follow anymore this particular Rule restriction, and developping a Jib of 70dm? in order to better compare with a Class M.
The idea behind is to create a new sailing Class called CAT as single sail boat. Any comments ?
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Sorry I have forgotten this :

Nifty concept. I like the idea of having completely unobstructed flow over the sail. One thing I’m wondering about it balance. I haven’t experienced it personally, but my brother built something similar about 7 or 8 years ago and it would go like a banshee while in the groove, but it was next to impossible to keep in the groove.

Anyway, you might get me to brush the dust off my Arab design and have a go.


obviously already seen somewere en real. Designed by N. Montgomery, near Boston, in 1922 and abbandoned, beig too expensive for the time,but very fast. In 1984, de design, was taken out again from dust, probably by Ph. Bolger notorius architecte, and became the CorSair 24 (CS-24) by CS Boat Construction in Florida. It confirmed being very fast and overtaking the catamarans. Why disappeared ? mistery; probably still expensive because of the hull strenght required by the forestay.
Actually I wil put a sail of 70 dm? as already said. It is very stable also when running, just a little trim on the rudder. It is fast and accelerating drammatically, only one day test with strong wind while the Marblehead were starting using type C rig. It remains very flat, no submarine effects. Speed equivalent of Marblehead presents on the water even with 10/12 dm? less sail surface. see also :
and :
So long
In french:
Bien sur, d?j? vu par quelques part , ce gr?ement fut d?velopp? en 1922 par N. Montgomery, et seulement en 1984 avec Ph. Bolger, par C.S. Boats Works sous le nom CorSair 24, puis plus rien en d?pit de ces performances.
La voile bleu est de 0.60m? mais je vais porter la surface a 0.70 m? pour comparer avec le classe M.(Marblehead)

The CDCAT first design compared with the Marblehead and with balanced boom not yet tested

mais, c’est que cela a l’air tres bien tout cela [;)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Wis very well, Japan far from Luxenburg n’es pas ?
maintenant on peut ajouter un’autre Cat a c?t? de cet adorable Mignon . I will study the hatch.
Claudio (the italian)