Technically, whats the difference between CBTF and CKTF? It is to my understanding that it is Canting Ballast Twin Foil and Canting Keel twin foil. What gets me is a canting keel with no ballast on the end doesnt help much, and in order to get the advantage, the ballast should be on the end of a foil, which I have always called a Keel so they seem to be the same to me. Thank you if you can set me straight.
Andrew Mille

Everything I have read on this suggests that they are the same. CKTF would be a way to market the CBTF concept while technically not infringing the CBTF rights. Of all the widely-known CBTF boats, only Genuine Risk (Dubois 90’) have i seen mentioned as CKTF. That boats system is just like Nicorette’s, the MZ86’s, and Skandia(except its overbuilt, unlike Skandias). Unless something new has been invented in which they cant the foil out to windward with nothing on it, this should be accurate. There is also those boats in Australia with the winged canting keels, but they dont have any foils except for the regular rudder and the wings.

Thanks for the help. Speaing of Genuine Risk, do you happen to now of any or have any good [pics of the whole boat, mostly the hull profile and such, Ive tried to find some but cant. Thanks for the help.

www.duboisyachts.com/Yachts/GenuineRisk/ has some pictures of the boat. None of them are anything spectacular though. There arent that many more photos of the boat around as far as i know. The CBTF boats that have the most photos available are probably the MZ86’s and Skandia.

You might want to try to find the Rolex Maxi World Champs Website. I think they have some good pictures.


I found a few by typing in “Genuine Risk” in the google images search. I also found a good site for the CBTF technology.
Here are a few links.

Genuine Risk