CBTF News?

Any new news on the RC CBTF front? Im just sittin around trying to work on a design for a canting mechanism and was curious. I think it is quite possibly the coolest idea ever, even if the performance benefits are minimal if any. I know there are a few guys out there with boats either completed or in the process so if you know anything, I would love to here it.
Andrew Miller

Nobody has seen an F100 except Doug Lord, but its the only one in existance from what i understand. There is a new class being formed by Yachtie2k4 called the Infinitus MD but i dont believe it is CBTF. He could probably help you design a canting mechanism for your boat.

In CBTF news for full scale boats, Alfa Romeo is on the water and the new Wild Oats is allegedly going to be launched a few weeks before the Hobart… Genuine Risk has been slow as ever, and the 2 MZ86s did well in the Transpac. The supposed patent infringement case made by CBTFco against the NZ supermaxi Maximus has not been heard of for quite a while.

I may be painting my USOM to repliate Genuine Risk, but it will be a conventional boat with a single keel and rudder.

As for full scale, I love Pyewacket, the way she looks under sail just amazes me. Can’t wait to see more boat like them be designed and built.

I have NEVER seen a F100 from Doug, but they do exist though!
Not many as I understand…check this:

i dont think doug has built one but i believe he once said he was in possession of one that Graham Bantock designed. That website for the F100 is in french… so is this a European class now? Doesnt seem to really be catching on anywhere else. Im not even sure the market appeal for a complex radio control boat is that great. If you are looking to build one for personal uses, such as Millrtime’s boats, and the one i built that sunk earlier this year, or if you are joining a small class, such as Yachtie2k4’s Infinitus MD, than it makes sense, but to the generic RC sailor, they are fine with using 2 or 3 servos to drive your boat.

Now if someone designed a system that would automatically cant the keel to the right angle for the given wind speed and course than it would still be simple. You would have to have some sort of gyroscopic “smart” computer on board the boat and then you are spending lots of $$$$ on a boat thats probably about 4 feet long.

for a one meter boat, IMHO K.I.S.S.

Sure it looks cool, but when you think about all the gear you have to put inside your boat, canting gear, “spin” aso…that is just too much for a one meter boat…Rob’s idea might be nice, and its a good way to recycle older boats.

As for “Doug’s boat” I DONT want to discuss this HERE.
If you have a question about his stuff…ask him! His email address is available almost everywhere!

Makes me remember, I think JohnB (I hope I am not having one of these “pre-senile” moments) built a F100…will search the forum and edit later


I remember JohnB’s boat being the only one I have seen here. I see CBTF boats in a similar light that others see schooners, they are nice if you (personally) are interested, but dont nec. have appeal to others. From my end I will def. post any progress but for now it is quite random and doesnt happen very often.

My CBTF idea was to build/design a boat with the same displacement as say a USOM and put a ridiculously large rig on it. I also played with the idea of going middle of the road, with a slightly larger rig than standard keel and slightly less displacement. They are many paths you can take and if my design ever comes to being it may change, but for now Im messing with a canting design before I worry about a booat and a rig to put around it.
Andrew Miller


hey guys

Well Doug talked alot about building one and I have actually done it I launched my first one about 18 months ago and I am about two weeks away from launching boat number 2.

Boat one sailed really well leaked abit and the canting mechanism was a bit agricultural and the rig need work but it sail great and you controlled the keel with another channel on RC.

Now boat 2 is and all carbon job has a maximum length keel a very small buld but ends up with the same righting moment of the first boat. The rudder and the forward board both move but I cannot trim the froward board seperately yet as need programmable radio gear. I have built a fully rotating wing mast and a squaretop main and the boat ends up 1.5kgs lighter than the older boat. It is under 3 kgs all up sailing.

John B is around on here very now and then and I believe he has had to put his boat on hold due to moving down country for a while and last I talked to him he was talking about going overseas I think.

If anyone has any questions drop me an e-mail.

The mechainsm is very easy to build does involve a bit of maching but happy to explain how to build and easy no leak one which my new boat has.

Cheers Gappy

Do you happen to have any pics of your boat and their canting mechanisms? My email is millrtme@comcast.net , would love to see how yours works compared to what I am planning. Hope to hear from you soon.
Andrew Miller

There is no more progress except for more dust settling on the boat.
All I can do is look at the photos taken last year.
Its unfortunatly the place I brought does not have a workshop only a carport, so all my tools are still in Auckland.

And this beats a carport everytime!!!
Yes I did tidy up before I left.

Also there’s not garage down here either.

Boy I miss my Auckland house but not the traffic!!!

If we have the traffic queues up at the roundabout for more than 10 cars its a major gridlock.


I will take some pics tonight it is kind of hard to show the whole mechanism as I have ,ounted my winch and so forth over top but will do my best will post them tomorrow.

My first boat just had the keel coming up inside the boat about 80mm and then had a boot sealing it which leaked but was in a case so did not matter to much but then had a 2:1 purhase onti and was operated by winch.

My new boat is by gear and it is a great setup is actually the same as in the Ultimate warriors that Grunta does as I got it off him to save making one myself and adapated it to my boat and servo.

But will post some pics tomorrow.

Cheers Blair

Man - do I like this. Will show these to wife so she knows it must be part of being a builder (Very Big Laugh).

I will, of course, follow showing her the photos with a good cleaning of the garage - just to keep her from “volunteering” to assist. :watching:

Have to admit - she remains very tolerant of all my madness - thank God.

Dick, my wife calls the workshop a " spider pit " ( she REALLY does not like spiders ). She will not even walk through, but she does scoring for many of the regattas, and doesn’t yell after GBMY or Tower Hobbies shows up on the card. I’ve got a great one. Clyde
(Sorry about hijacking the thread, just couldn’t pass up the chance to say how much I appreciate her.)


Find some photos attached of mechanism as I said alot of it is covered with it the winch and other stuff now after installing it.

Any questions drop me a line.

Cheers Blair