CBTF F100?


Was wondering just how your CBTF F100 is going? It looked as if it was just about ready to sail a few months ago. I really enjoyed you sharing your photos with us and was hoping to see it in the water SOON![:-captain].
Post more pictures!

Wondering just what is happening with the CBTF F100. Have not heard an update for getting close to four months now. I thought there was a thread here on this forum that was an ?CBTF F100 Update? thread, but I can?t seem to find it, if it was ever there. I do see however that he boat is getting fatter, as the last update I see is the new F100 class link on the AMYA Open class web page.
<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”> Formula 100 Under development: In an effort to make microSAIL! products the highest performance boats anywhere. This model will have a CANTING KEEL and a SPINNAKER with an all up displacement of 8lb. The new boat is expected to be available in 2004.<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”></font id=“quote”>
The boat is getting close to the weight of an IOM now? This is almost 3 ? lb. heavier then my US1M at this point. Why has this boat gained 2 lbs?

I was not aware that the CBTF F100 was designed to contain a spinnaker. Actually this is the first time that ?I? have heard that it will have one, but I will say that I have not read all of the many postings about this new boat. . In the line drawings on your webpage I don?t see where a spinnaker would fit. Is this a new design that we have not seen yet? Is this why production has been delayed from the earlier ?..end of 2003??

I think what I would really like to know is, when we will see this boat out on the water? I am honestly really looking forward to seeing it in person, or even in photos.


Hi Greg and others.
The progress has been very slow on the boat, as work and brownie point activites seen to take preference. Such as going to to work in the States for 5 weeks (Oct-Nov last year removing a food production line from Ohio), building fences for the new dog (brownie points-wife’s choice)christmas holidays-2 sons arrived back from overseas for the christmas period (1 got engaged). Now I worked in the Hawke’s Bay (500 kms away from the workshop - home) installing line from USA and only go home for the weekends.
As you can see a man should be able to do his own thing, play around with model yachts, this weekend I sailing in the North Island 1OM champs.
Last weekend I finished the mainboom and compression boom vang, it looks impressive if I say so myself. Now I designing on the jib boom system as I can’t copy the normal setup for the 1OM’s as I need the forestay to be full length without any forward of it, so the gennker sheet will not catch on.
All the sails have been made including 2 gennkers (a reacher and runner)
When I get home this weekend I will take photos showing the progress to date and post them next week.

The project is certainly not not dead, as more urgency is required as Gappy has his one sailing in Auckland.

It’s 8:00 pm I’am just finishing work after anyother 13 hour day so its of to the pub (a real one with beer and plenty of bs!!!)

I don’t know where the information you mention came from!!! I’ll check into it. The Bantock designed F100(see “CBTF Selected” under “New Classses”) will have a displacement near 7.4 lb.s and a beam of 6". No spinnaker will be available on the standard boat since it is conceived as a moderate cost Strict One Design that fits stock into the F100 class. I will experiment with spinnakers on custom versions of the boat but that is extremely LOW priority.
I have been tied up with production orders and have not started the tooling yet but the final Spinnaker 50 to Metarie La. and the America One to Germany will be out late this week or by the middle of next week. At that point I will be full time on the F100CBTF though in the meantime I have been developing a new canting keel mounting system that may eliminate the characteristic “bump” under a cantng keel boat. I am building two one off boats using existing hulls to test this new system and as prototypes for the CK Trainer.If it works well it will be part of the F100CBTF instead of the module pictured under "Canting Keel Mechanism"in the “Technology” section.
Most of the parts including the sails are here for the first four boats.
Tooling should not take long and two hulls will be built for testing right off the bat.
These boats will use the Futaba 9c or 6XAPS depending on owner preference. One of the most important ingredients of the CBTF system is “collective” steering which is vastly simplified in installation by using these radios. Each rudder is connected to a single servo with no linkage between them at all. Yet they can turn the same direction together(collective) or opposite directions for normal steering. All “connections” between the servos are programmed at the transmitter.
The foils on the boats have been designed by David Hollom and will be produced in matched molds.
So again, as soon as these last two production boats are out of here maximum effort will be directed toward getting the F100CBTF going.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing


It came from here http://www.amya.org/open.html I wonder why someone would write this and place it there, as it is new in the last few weeks? Better get some answers and make some heads roll if in fact a fake Doug Lord had sent that info in!

I believe David Goebel was trying to be helpful for which I am grateful. The information is being updated shortly.
UPDATE-the amya site has been corrected…
Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

I want to point out to all those interested in this technology that the first canting keel F100 and first F100 using CBTF is now sailing in New Zealand. Gappy(Blair) has posted details of this boat under “F100 Development” under the “Technology section”. Also, see the posts regarding "Sailing a Canting Keel Boat"under “New Classes” with comment from myself and Grunta -the designer and builder of the first production canting keel boat -the Ultimate Warrior. More can be found in “New Classes” under the name.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing