Howzit guys
I decided i wanted to build a RC cat as i dont think there are any in SA, I used the ghost rider outer hulls for my hulls and started building the mould.
this is my first attempt at this and heres what i’ve done.

make one a foot-long.

why? its built to original F-48 plans

Why?.. just because a few others are mucking with the construction of wee “Feety” cats. just wondered if you might like to cook up a wee one as well. that’s all.

Nigel -

some of us look for a “WOW” factor - not a “giggle” factor when sailing :wink:

i have no idea what you mean:confused:

lmAO! sorry nige i like speed! no offense but i dont think thers any fun in the smaller version, also if this turns out well i’d like to start racing for when i’m nt racing the real thing.
But yes maybe a small one but at the moment i dont have time.


may i ask what is your full scale cat?

i’v seen a c-cat go in toronto, but never been on any cat. even during my sentence at PDQ. built many, never been on one.

i guess my plans are (as i save $) to keep building them bigger, until i can get aboard:lol:

Nigel -

“generally” and in loose terms, most folks get impresseed when seeing a really large r/c boat sailing - which would be the “WOW” factor. :glasses:

When seeing a FOOTY sailing, many first time viewers (I believe) have to give in to “grins and giggles” due to their sheer size (or lack thereof) :magnify:

Each, in their own right cause interest and potential members/builders/owners - after all, we all want to grow the hobby.

yes footies do cause giggles and grins and questions of where is the engine. i am sure my feety trimaran will bring even more but i don’ care. My trimaran working name ‘Claws’ is started , hulls are just ribs at moment but i couldn’t resist taping a ruler and unarig onto it to see what it will look like

Just an update on the project…I managed to get hold of the polystyrene foam (the lil balls one) it turned out easy enough to sand and shape… after the 3rd rebuild on the mould we came right and managed to fiberglass a mould from the foam plug and yea hopefully the project will quicken up from now…
Here’s some pics

pics . . we went for our own shape and design and yea the nose is shaped upwards lilke a hobie fox or blade f18 u’ll see in one of the pics its upside down

Well done. Are you planning to use twin boards, or go with a “cheater” and have a single located between the hulls ?

Radio gear inside or outside?

Probably too many questions not yet decided. Keep at it !

thnx yea going with twin boards no weights on them and radio gear out in the middle…stil undecided on where or how to house it.
Hopefully tommor we can start making the hulls