Carbon Foil Masts

Does anyone produce a carbon foil mast, rather than a round mast, hopefully with a groove in it for the mainsail. Im looking for the dimension of about maybe about 1/3" to 1/2" from front to back and a width of about a 1/4" and length can vary. I have seen the round groovy masts, and they will suffice but I am looking for something more foilish. thanks for the help.
Andrew Miller

Nope - not that I have been able to find - especially that small.

Closest I found for a 2 Meter multihull are a set of spreaders - but would have to import from “down under” - and much larger than what you are looking for.

Possible solution… use a round mast, add a balsa leading edge, glass and fair in.

Short of that - two smaller round tubes and connect each side with flat carbon panel. Just add center shear web wide enough to give you some foil effect. That shear web will also act as a stiffener to prevent excessive side bend.

Download Attachment: [ Wingmast.JPG]( lemke/200571814576_Wingmast.JPG)

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expensive as sin, but check out the masts that are made for the walicki skalpel M boa. I believe it matches your description exactly.


for my custom 42 inch boat i used the flat wooden “sticks” found in the bottom of window shades. its a little heavier than carbon fiber (obviously) but its very aerodynamic and if you have a mast step that can rotate it will act like a wing mast and rotate automatically.

Im just going for looks, doesnt nec. have any performance gains to it and will not be rotating, seems like a nice groovy carbon mast is whats in store.
Thanks for the responses though.
Andrew Miller

just thought I would post the link. Check out the first item.

There are aluminum masts available that are almost as light that are airfoil shaped, and you can purchase from several different suppliers fake-out Carbon “tape” which is a clear laminate that has the carbon weave appearance. If carefully applied, you really have a hard time guessing which is it. I have seen an alumimum mast done this way and it was preplexing quite a few skippers at the pond.

The fake carbon tape/transparancy is all the rage with the custom car guys for putting on aluminum and other parts of the interior to give the appearance of the high dollar carbon look. (and it works!) [}}:-|>>]

Exactly what I need but I wasnt planning on having to take out a loan to get it. We will see how quickly my first (career) job comes along and whether or not a deserve a present for it. Thanks for the info though.
Andrew Miller

yeah, way out of my price range as well. WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY out.

to echo larry’s comments, get in touch with Wick Smith. They did several AC masts where they started with a very soft aluminum extrusion that was airfoil shape with a luff track. They wrapped it in carbon and then cut the luff groove back open. I am sure he can provide you much more detail than this. I believe wick owns the extrusion tool as well.