Carbon Fiber US one meter mast source

to all you homebuilders:

I have been building for several years now, and have found the following to be fundamentally true:

  1. a motivated builder CAN build a regionally or nationally competative US one meter hull in an average(or less than average) home shop

  2. a motivated builder CAN build a decent rudder fin in an average(or less than average) home shop

  3. a motivated builder CAN build a decent set of sails in their living room. . . but a set from one of the big names will probably we worth the going rate.

  4. a motivated builder WITH proper tooling CAN build a decent keel fin in a properly appointed home shop

  5. Try all you would like you most likely will NOT be able to build a decent carbon fiber mast at a good price.

With this in mind, I have been focusing my recent efforts on number 4 and 5. I am PLEASED to announce some very good developments on number 5. In the past, I have used masts from bob sterne and most recently from Graham Bantock via GBMY. I LOVE my sterne mast, but boy is it expensive. The bantock pulltruded masts are very nice, and more affordable, but the 8mm is too soft in my opinon, and the 10mm, to stiff. Furthermore, for my cheap homebuilding attitude, the bantock masts are still a little on the pricey side (especially if you are looking to build the 2-3 rigs it takes to be regionally competitive) .

Sterne Tapered wrapped carbon:
weight: 2.4 ounces
cost: approx $150.00 usd

Bantock Pulltruded carbon 10mm:
weight :2.8 ounces
cost: $60.74 usd

Tonight, I recieved samples of some pulltruded masts similar to the bantock section that are, 72" in length (70" usable lengths, enough for a keel stepped mast at max height). Their diameters are 8.0mm, 9.35mm and 10mm, weighing 2.2, 2.7, and 3.5 ounces respectively. I did a quick comparative analysis to rank their stiffness and found the following (ranked from stiffest to softest):
{see test procedure below}
1- 10mm sample {63 ounces}
2- Bantock 10mm {61 ounces}
3- 9.35mm sample {45.5 ounces}
4- Sterne tapered {34 ounces}
5- 8.0mm sample {27.8 ounces}

The test was conducted by suspending the masts on 1/2" blocks located 120mm apart from eachother. I then used a scale set to peak hold on the center of the mast until it deflected to the measurement surface. The force required was recorded and used for the comparison. the resultant forces, in ounces are listed above in the {X} marks. I AGREE that this was not the most exacting measurement, but I wanted answers NOW as I wanted to be able to quantify this exciting news. I will get these measurements confirmed with better insturmentation later this week.

So, where am I going with this. The 9.35mm sample I recieved I believe would be an EXCELLENT mast for home builders in the US one meter class. Nice fitting mast step tubes could be picked up at any hobby shop that sells K&S tubing, and rather than spending $60 to $160 on a decent mast, I can get these at a fraction of that cost (assuming I am willing to meet their minimum order). This is NOT a money maker to me, just trying to help other home builders looking to save money and build a competative boat. To be very clear, I AM NOT claiming that these are AS GOOD OR BETTER than the Bantock or Sterne masts (which are excellent products that I do use), just a more affordable alternative that gets you quite close to the same level of performance.

Are any home builders in the U.S. (sorry others) interested in these masts? I am trying to gague if I can reasonably meet the minimal orders.


I’m interested in 1 or 2, what price are we looking at?
Don M.

im looking into final details on piece part price on masts as well as shipping.
im thinking someplace in the 25$ range per mast. With additional masts on any order going for a little less (trying NOT to send a whole bunch of single masts). I will be going to a couple carriers with a sample package to figure out S&H per mast or per shipment.

if you are intersted, please contact me DIRECTLY at so I can start building up a mailing list rather than posting to a public forum.


I have posted an update on mast info to the following page:

if you are interested, yet have not yet contacted me, please read the above and contact me.