Cape Cod by Jim

Hello all, I started my build back in late April and have now come pretty close to finishing my hull. I have made a few mistake as any first time builder would do but, I’m satisfied with what m progress. The one problem is my hull weight. I’m not sure why. I used two layers of 2X2 twill carbon and west system epoxy. I’m wondering if one layer would work…

Here are some pics

let me know what you think!!!

Hi Jim & welcome to the IACC 120 club :slight_smile:

Planking looks great but I can’t quite make out if you have laminated your carbon to the plug or you have made a hull shell from the plug ?

Which weight cloth have you used and what is the laminated weight by the way?

Cheers Alan

Hi Jim,

Model boats are generally made from plain weave CF. I’ve only heard of twill being used with vacuum bagging, otherwise for hand layup twill will retain a lot of resin (weight).

I used 2x2 Carbon for my lay up, two layers…(Could explain why my hull is only 446G) It’s kinda like a battle ship,LOL. I have enough for a second try and I plan to use only one layer and squeegie it like they do with surf boards…we’ll see.
The pics that you see on my post are of the plug only… I haven’t taken any pics of the hull that I have layed up as I havent quite finished the sanding yet.