canting masts

I noticed that some folks have canting mast Ie that lean to weather… they are spring loaded so ina puff that fall to weather…

is this so they can dump some power to eliminate healing?


Interesting discussion of this issue here (only seem to be able to link to last post, see earlier in thread for relevant discussion):!topic/

Sounds like your theory is correct.


I meant to say they lean to leeward… to spill.

I was thinking. that if you had a mast and the shrouds were “spring loaded” in that the mast was true, left/right but if the wind picked up in a puff, rather than overpowering the boat and making it heel further and slide sideways more… the rig depowers it self…after the puff the spring tension brings the rig back to center… I guess the key is that the rig needs to depower before the boat heel excessively

just thinking outside the proverbial box.

I had thought about a rig tilting to weather but started getting complex and heavy…

I guess it depends on the mast angle before the puff: If it is windward the you probably want it to move to weather, whereas if it is to leeward you would want it to spill. I guess for a monohull it will almost always be to leeward, so you would want it to spill.

I’m also thinking about canting masts, but I’m interested in the potential lift (vertical) a mast canted to weather could generate for a multihull, and the benefits of keeping the mast as vertical as possible.

(Just removed a question regarding whether the Sail rocket sail generated vertical lift - apparently it doesn’t).

The canting mast technique it is already used on RC Land sailing see here :;id=9;
Under “design tips”

PS: Mji you may be interested to consult this if not already done :