Canting masts vs canting keels

If interested see my reply to Will Gorgen on todays date in the Volvo 70 thread under “New Classes”.
The bottom line ,in my opinion, is that a canting keel is far superior to a canting mast but that a canting mast can help incrementally on a fixed keel boat or when used in combination with a canting keel. A boat designed to use twin asymetrical daggerboards with a low wetted surface fixed keel strut configuration could also work as long as it had twin angled aft rudders or one rudder that was tied in to the mast angle similar to a design by Hal Robinson.
Another serious problem with canting masts is that at high mast cant angles the boat will probably have a very asymetrical heeled underbody developing large turning moments-at least throwing the boat out of balance. According to Roy, Dario of Carbonic boats that built a canting mast boat thinks the mast would also have to move fore and aft to deal with these out of balance moments.
Equally serious would be poor upwind performance caused by the lack of area for lateral resistance as the mast cants.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Canting Rudder on full size yacht
I can just remember back to the early 70’s when we, Paul Whiting of the Quarter tonner “Magic Bus” and One tonner “Smack Water Jack” fame and several others played around with a Reactor 25 (Paul’s production boat) and fitted a stern mounted rudder on a radial track, so it could be swung to be perpendicular to the water. Sorry to many brain cells have got to say how performed!