Canting Keel

Hi all,
I built a new volvo ocean 70’ boat, can somebody told me how realize a canting Keel?
Thanks Francesco


i studie too a model of volvo open 70.

I’m finished the drawing of the hull o f different calculation for a scale of 1/15

(loa 1m66, weight 8.2 kg, ballast 3kg with canting keel of 3 kg at 40 ?). with this we obtain the same moment of a fixed keel with 5 Kg of ballast.

you should talk to a member here bye the name of yatche. ( hope i got your name right ROB) he has built a canting keel boat and it WORKS. he could help you out. i have never seen a picture of it in the water. but i have seen it on land
good luck in your projects

long live the cup and cris dickson

yachties’s boat can be seen here:

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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hey hey guys, i hate this, i have no phone line @ my place so no internet, i have to go to the library to go on the net. i have a kanting (eh eh eh) keel on my 10 rater based hull, it was good sweet as till it capsized, not because of to little weight, but because what cants the keel jammed, when we were sailin it (haven’t got it up here yet cause dad hasn’t driven up here) as long as it was level it would sail like a normal boat, but because the canard was only as big as a rudder, as soon as it heeled a bit (maybe a fair bit) it would go sideways more than forwards, it was hard to tack without it flat, when i first sailed it, i couldn’t tack till i realised it had to be level to tack, anyway, i sailed it downwind, it would lean over to windward heaps because of the keel, but thats cool, no control probs there, went through a few gybes that sorta broached a bit, got the side of the deck in the water, but nothin really bad, then on its last broach, the cord that goes round the driver wrapped round its self, causin it to jam, keel was canted the wrong way, it gybed, broached went straight over, i could hear the driver trying to cant the keel back, but it was jammed, it stayed on its side, didn’t go upside down, luckily, a powerboat was near by & put it up right,& facin back to shore, i sailed it back, we got it out of the water, & found that the device that seals the arm for the kanting keel had also ripped off, allowing water to get into the hull when we were sailin it back in (when it was on its side, it was out of the water.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

if you look on the first pic of it sailin (on the link wis has given us, thanks wis) you can see that the a part of the keel is out of the water, & the rudder is trying to make the boat bear away, but it was goin sideways alot, this was just as we started sailin it. in the 3rd pic, it shows the boat on a bit of a heel, when we gybed it, it probably went a bit further.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

also, i knew that the keel would most likely jam, because it had done it durin testing at home a few times, i had told dad this as i sailed the boat back into the shore the first time, but he ignored me & told me to give him & one of my mates a go, i said yeah yeah whatever, naturally it was me sailin it when it gybed & capsized. when i get it up here, i am gonna sort out the kanting keel & get everythin workin on it properly & then i am gonna just test an assy with it, it should hammer downwind!!!
in the last pic, i measured the angle of kant of the keel, & i think its around about 55 degrees, the keel all up weighs 1kg, hull bout 2kg.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

tomee, what are the rest of the dimensions? my hull is 1.52m loa, mast was 2.2m high.
& what are the dimensions of of yours Francesco?

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

Xcuse me but i had a lot of problems with internet.
I designed two Volvo ocean race models, a sale of 60’(2002-2003) and one of 70’ (VOR 2005-2006).
Lenght is 122 cm and mast 160 cm 4Kg total weight.
Plans will be avaliable soon (i think a week) on
If you want publish some plans email me, i will talk to the site webmaster.
Hi francesco

hey ,

my name is Robert , and I’m searching plans to build a Volvo 70, but i can’t really find them. I was wondering if anyone of you guys would like to share his plans? thanks anyway.

@yachtie2k4: I was wondering if you have a close-up picture or drawing from your canting keel system.

Thanks to all and please pardon me for my english. I’m more in with fysics.

greetzz Robert

Hi, i built a Volvo 70’ on my design.
All the plans of Volvo 70’ (Ericsson Racing Team - VOR 2005-2006) and Volvo 60’ (Illbruck Challenge - VOR 2001-2002) will be avaliable in few days at in the project page.
Ah…I have also photograph of building.
Ciao Francesco

hi, thanks allot, i can hardly wait to see the plans and the pictures.

greetzz Robert

Hi gang , I know your going to hate me but that BOAC boat leading the field around the World just broke its keel half way to whereever and had to ‘fix keel’ it. Still it tells you something that the Experts have a way to go yet.
Looks like a good forum.


@steve, I think its a challenge to make a canting keel work.

greetzz Robert

@ Robert
here are some close up pics of the keel system: