Canting keel

Hi, i am making my a canting keel r/c yacht and i found some old threads relating to this (2003-2004) with some pics of canting mechanisms but because the threads are so old the pics don’t work so if any one has any pics or plans of a canting keel mechanism that they are willing to put up that would be really great. thank

Henry G

Hi. How’s it going.

All I know about the topic, is that it was tried with successful results, and some crappy results. One pioneer has had awsome results, but from what posts I’ve lurked over, I think he’s crazy! Might be Bi-polar. I’m not knocking him, I mearly think this and I could be wrong.

I understand that to make it work well, other fins must stay down, while the canter cants up. A front rudder, as well as rear rudder perhaps.
Also, some internal ballast to move aft.

As for pics; not much, but type in “canting keel r/c boats”, or similar variations in Youtube. Try wind warrior, or ultimate warrior r/c boats as well. I think they make a production canting vessel. Here are some search words: Formula 100, micro sails, canting keel iom.

I’d see how the big boats have it engineered, then do it small. Maybe a keel that cants in all directions, like that one mini transat boat somewhere out there.



I have seen the wind warrior bit there was nothing in the way of the of internal plans/pics.

I also found a great vid on youtube of a canting keel one meter with the deck off bit it is hard to see inside the two bulkheads which the mechanism is housed in
but it has given me some ideas.