Canting Keel "foiling" RC yacht

Here is a short clip of a canting keel yacht beginning to foil.

Built by Jan Hibbard (Flumme) from the UITG base.
I have lent him my HD camera and GPS logger so we hopefully gan get some more footage and speed info tomorrow as the forecast is looking good!



You know, it would have never occurred to me that a canting keel could do that, but having seen it, it makes perfect sense!

It was hard to see from the video, but is it from the boat coming up off the top of a swell or something, that angles the fin upward enough? Do real boats with canting keels experience the same thing to any degree?


Hey kevin,

The boat is using a canting T foil/canard system that I developed to generate the lift, once the bow is lifted then the keel is lifting as well.
You just need plenty of breeze to foil.
The full sized versions have been reported to feel very “light” at high speeds. The current trend is for the canards to be placed close to the centre of the boat like on Ericsson 4, it was a development from E3 and the ABN boats prior.
The theory is the yacht sails heeled the leeward canard is negating leeway and providing lift to the bow area. When the boat gets over-pressed and heels more, the efficiency at negating leeway, gets turned into useful lift.

Unfortunately the weather we were expecting didn’t turn up till the evening so the sailing was not quite as spectacular as we’d hoped for.
I have some other footage from Saturday which I will put on You Tube which shows some more foiling.

hey, great model - it goes like a rocket.
can you give me some idea of the keel bulb weight and the LOA etc…


Thanks for the interest…

Quickly, going from memory
LOA is 1300mm
Beam 650mm
Mast 2000mm (M class)
Displacement 4.5kg
Bulb 1.2kg
Canting Fin 700mm

The canting is done by a self designed wet box & double fin head arrangement and the owner installed a beautifully crafted winch system using two digital servos modified and coupled together, The sheeting is done with a RMG… All the parts are either custom made or sourced from the M Class…
The results are spectacular, but it was not a cheap exercise.

I currently have plans to build a similar boat, and do a 24 hr record run with it. Canting & foiling with a “Code Zero” asymmetric kite should be a hand full. I am putting together some of the ideas and slowly moving towards it, but real work seems to interfere in the proceedings!


awesome job - love to see some pics of the workings…

I have dusted off my canter, I need to finish a new T foil, and re-rig the mast…
For some more horsepower - I have a fat head main from my AC yacht sail dev program that is allocated for a recut and I hope to use on the boat.
I am using broken Rc Heli blades as the source for the foils. I get them for free from a collegue at work…
Seems they get through a few most weekends!
Trying to think of a self adjusting system for getting foiling and maintaining that… But I need to test the basic package first.