Canting Keel/centerboard

A new possibility being looked at in the Bantock designed F100 Class Canting Keel race boat is to use a pivoting centerboard placed aft of the daggerboard. This has several advantages over the daggerboard being considered in lieu of using CBTF(see the two other discussions in this section relating to canting keels and hybrid stability systemsas well as the F100 reports under the Articles section). The main one is that the board would not stick up above the deck freeing up room on deck for a rack system, spinnaker or whatever. It also appears that since the trunk would not be open to air at the top the turbulennce in combination with a good seal would not be significant. A sealed pivoting system could be coupled directly to the mainsheet winch or to a separate servo for retraction of the board.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing