Canting Ballast Twin Foil(CBTF): How it works

All over the world the rumblings have been heard-the war drums of a technological triumph are making big noises in full size racing: CBTF is taking the world by storm! Wild Oats, a 60 footer, using CBTF has beaten 90 footers boat for boat and now -very shortly the newest boat(s) to incorporate CBTF are about to be launched: the maxZ86’s belonging to Roy Disney and Neville Crichten.

From ocean racers to models CBTF is a technology with a mission: speed!
CBTF utilizes a canting keel with twin foils ,one forward and one aft.The twin foils develop the lateral resistance required by the yacht upwind and the canting keel provides the stability. The canting keel allows the boat to be sailed in most wind strengths at an angle of 15 or so degrees.
The twin rudders,turning opposite diections, allow the boat to tack quickly with less loss due to turning than that of a fixed keel boat. The “collective” facility of a CBTF boat is what really sets this technology apart from other canting keel and fixed keel boats. Both rudders can be “collectively” turned the same direction upwind allowing leeway to be 100% eliminated! Further, for tactical reasons and for short distances the rudders can be “overturned” together and the boat will actually move sideways to windward. This ability to “power up” to windward can have many advantages in close tactical situations.
UPDATE: Roy Disney’s maxZ86 is Pyewackett; the other boat mentioned above is Morning Glory but it is not owned by Neville Crighton.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing