Can you identify this boat..?

Hi folks, bought my second Marblehead class boat and I am now in the process of restoring it. Can you identify the boat for me, previous owner knew very little and I think never sailed it. Apparently the boat was raced in the mid-80-ies probably here in Sweden…thank you

If OK with you, I want to shift you to a different web forum - one where they have a bunch more info on Marblehead classics. The person to seek/ask for has screen name of Breakwater. He lives on east cost up north where they still actively race Marbleheads - when water is soft - not hard ! Should be able to help. I will give him this link here - and here is his link on Marblehead discussion:

Dear Dick, thank you so much for redirecting me. Will do…Cheers/

Don’t get discouraged. Too many “M"s have been built/sailed so knowing “exactly” what this one may be hard - but some may post … " well, it looks like ….”

One of our Moderator/Administrators here is involved with the Vintage Marblehead group, and may well have some thoughts. Watch for response from Earl Boebert as he might have a good guess or two.