Can anyone share their best Caribbean sailing place and why?

Which one’s Caribbean place you visit more and their is any suggestion for Caribbean islands…

I’ve been to St Lucia 3 times…

not for sailing… but it was a nice down to earth island, not nearly as commercial as most.

rented a house called the butterfly house, owned by an american Alice Bagshaw who also does a bunch of screen printing on the island as well…

Hard to find better sailing most anywhere. Bareboart chartering in the BVI or delivering a Swan 100 megayacht from cold New England…beautiful warm water and a great breeze. Hard to go very far wrong.

Also a real good place for big RC sailboats like these…BTW the locals take this very seriously!


chilly CT USA

I am partial to Bvi. Easy line of sight sailing, good wind, and clear blue water.

Another thumbs up to the BVI. There are many charter companies there, we have used The Moorings and Sunsail and are going to try Voyage Charters this spring. What Slot racer said, line of sight (unless you venture out to Anegada) and great snorkeling spots. Deep water most everywhere too.

Don’t know about rc yachting out there, but the ‘Antigua Classics’ can’t be beaten.


Totally agree with Bill, Antigua is great. It’s a trip to be in a harbor surrounded by Mega Yachts and see the models racing.
They are real serious about too!

Thanks to all of you for this great contribution…!