Can anyone identify this boat?

I came across this boat and was wondering if it appears to be from readily available plans or is a custom design. Any ideas?

This is a newer design. Based on the text, he is still waiting for the third rudder servo for the main hull - only two rudders work - one on each float. I suggest it is of a newer design since the transoms are rather triangular - whereas the older designs are circular or “U” shaped. You could always email him and ask if it’s his design or a design by someone else.

It is not a “NIGHTMARE” design by “Idealist/Zeamann”

Any guesses on how it would perform differently from the older designs?

The floats look like they don’t have as much bouyancy as the Ghost Train and the main hull will have less wetted surface for those light air days.

My wife speaks fluent German so I can have her post a question to the german site.

Also, I have been in contact with a Carbon Fiber shop to propose milling plugs/molds and fabricating a Tri in Carbon Fiber. The set up costs are pretty big, but the cost per tri to lay up will not be too bad. If anybody has rhinoCAD 3d software or any full CAD surface software please contact me. I need to generate the surface files.


Mitch - would be great if she would do that. My German is so rusty because of non/limited use, I had composed a note, but read back in Babel-Fish and deleted it. :smiley:

In addition to asking about the design - if she could ask for an English speaking contact for that forum (Not Idealist) it would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance