Can a Vic travel?

Hey everyone,

In about six weeks or so, I’m going to be catching a flight halfway across the country and would like to take my Victoria with me. What are your suggestions for getting it there? I’ve thought about checking it with the airline, but want it to arrive in one piece.

My Vic has a detachable keel and one-piece mast. I imagine that I could remove the rudder, but haven’t done so yet. The hull will fit in my suitcase, but the mast is too long to go diagonally.

Any thoughts?


I’ve lost count of the number of trips I’ve taken with my Yankee III, which is about the size of a Vic. The secret is to use a hard-sided golf case. Mine is a standard SKB, cost about a hundred bucks at a discount place.



I’ve been looking at SKB cases, but the one’s I’ve seen are rifle cases either 50x14.5x6 or 52x16x6. With either of those, I’d have to remove the rudder also. Thought of bow cases, but not golf, thanks.