Calling All Sailwinch Servos!

More like a listing of sailwinch servos…

I’m putting together a chart of sailwinch servos, and I’d like to know of all the srvos that can be used for sail winches. I’d like only current models, or those that aren’t going to be discontinued soon.


HS-5745MG Soling 1 Meter
HS-625MG Micro Magic
HS-5995TG ODOM (coming soon)
HS-5955TG Kite IOM (coming soon)*

Wow, you must have a ‘green’ boat :smiley:

HS-5955TG (nearly the same as 5995, but has a heatsink)

GWS IQ-200MG (MicroMagic, RG65)
BMS 380MAX (MicroMagic)

It is green! AND it’s been shipped!