Calling all J Class builders!!

Right guys, time to dig out all your loose change, came across this and started thinking…

To get the ball rolling I’ve checked my pockets/wallet and I’ve currently got about 50 quid. Wonder if they’ll take a cheeky offer if we promise to keep her looking smart?!!



Ok I will throw in 50 €uro for 50% share with you Row, but I want the cabin with the big bed & wall T.V ok :stuck_out_tongue: …how much more is needed to fill our begging cup ? :lol::lol:

I can think of better thinsg to do with 17 million…

Heck the crew costs and slip fees alone would bankrupt me…


No thanks, - - - I will stay with my 1/22 scale Endeavour !!!.


OK, I’m in but it’s up to you to come up with the other 339997 contributors.

Ah, but if you do it in sterling it doesn’t sound nearly so bad!!

OK Don, I’m working on it!!