calculating hull displacement

just trying to figger out if this narrow hull ive put to geather will work out and take the weight of rc gear and stuf.ive seareched google but couldnt come up with the anwser may not have been searching for the right thing i ges.
the volume it diplacses up to the estamated water line is 385ml how do you turn that into the amount of weight that it would take to get it to the same level,is it just the weight of that water?

any help would be apresiated

many thanks

At the risk of showing that I don’t understand what I thought I understood… I will say that yes, it is the weight of the displaced water.

0.385 Liters = 0.8487654 Pounds

0.385 Liters = 385 Grams

You have to love the metric system :slight_smile:

ar ok thats great maybe some one coul confer our thoughts? many thanks

Fine in fresh water. I sea water weight will be approx 6% more (i.e. 408 g).

ar ok thats cool.i emadgin most of the sail ill do in th uk will be in hove lagoon witch is salt so will be interesting to see many thnks